Wim Hof Method

On March 27th the free presentation for the Wim Hof method will be made and the 5-week course will begin then.

Theory + Breathing + Intention + Ice Meditation

Wim Hof, the ice man, holds 20 Guinness World Records for enduring extreme temperatures.

He has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro wearing only shorts and shoes, has been able to stay for hours in cold water baths and has run a marathon through the desert without water.

His goal was to demonstrate that he has total control over his body and mind.

A power so extraordinary that scientists, doctors, neurologists and psychologists around the world were stoked and went onto studying this further. In such way, his body has become an object of study.

His natural method based on breathing techniques and cold exposure has shown to reduce stress, improve the immune system as well as the quality of sleep, mood, among other benefits.

We invite you to the free presentation and the 5-week course:

You will experience and feel that in a few breathing cycles your stress can be brought under control.

Participate with us in this unique adventure where you can surely feel the benefits from the first session.

It is a course that is aimed at deepening the conscious breathing through a daily and constant practice that you can perform at home, at work, etc.

It is a gradual process in which you will learn how to apply breathing properly according to your needs and goals. We will be happy to welcome you to this presentation in which we will go deeper into the aspect of breath.

See you then!

Limited places

🔥 Please reserve your place for the presentation on this link


For more information: TonaleBarcelona@gmail.com

This event will be in English with Spanish translation.

⚡Benefits of conscious breathing: ⚡️

• Increased attention, awareness and mental clarity.

• Energy, sleep and recovery.

• Use of intention for personal growth and success.

• Change of the nervous system from the sympathetic mode (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic mode (rest and digest).

• Learning how breathing affects the heart, the cardiovascular and immune systems.

🌍 5-week course: 🌍

Theory + Breathing + Intention + Cold Exposure

The three pillars of the Wim Hof Method - focus, breathing and gradual exposure to the cold - offer effective practice.

With ice meditation and holistic focus, we will obtain the synergy of the elements linked to the power of the vibration of sounds, food and natural movement.

The 5-week course will be taught every Wednesday and includes:

March 27th

Free presentation about the method and its benefits. Practice of the breathing and preparation for the ice bath

April 3

Practice of the breathing of the Wim Hof method and ice bath

April 10th

Practice of the breathing of the Wim Hof method and preparation for the ice bath

April 17th

Practice of the breathing of the Wim Hof method and preparation for the ice bath

April 24

Practice of the breathing of the Wim Hof method and ice bath

🔥 During this event you will receive: 🔥

• An explanation about the breathing method (in a written document).

• 5 sessions of respiratory practices with a certified instructor by Wim Hof

• 2 icebaths

• Therapeutic support

• 25% discount on the online WHM fundamentals course.


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