Conscious awareness is the next paradigm shift in humanity.

Welcome to my personal journey of finding purpose, overstepping the boundaries of fear and building my own experiences with minimal stress. Breathwork, meditation, the cold and my passion for working with people came to me at an early age.

I was eight years old, when my mother travelled with me all the way from Estonia to San Francisco, to attend a kids yoga meditation camp. I remember how I was practically forced to go, but as a child coming out of that experience, I was immensely grateful to the deeper understanding of why I am. Within the conversations of the self, in elevated states of consciousness I listened to my inner voice or you may call it intuition, which made it crystal clear that all the answers can be extracted from the inside, in states of calmness and awareness of the present. Since then I have been expanding my knowledge in the areas of psychology, philosophy, nutrition, connection with nature forming my holistic approach and view on life.

The cold as a healer and a teacher was introduced to me since birth. I was born pre-maturely, as a result my lungs weren't developed to the full capacity for taking deep breaths. My pediatrician, Dr. Yuri Serov, suggested that diving under ice water would naturally make me hold the breath and as a result the lungs would develop. I can say that I was lucky to grow up in Estonia, a small country in the Baltic with fierce winters. As a child, I would go outside in the snow barefoot, connect with the ground and just bring my full attention inwards, without knowing that this is what we call meditation. I would finish my practice by pouring a bucket of ice cold water over my head. I was always attracted to this practice and the cold since it made me feel fresh, reset from the night sleep and clear my mind with increased awareness and focus.

I have travelled around Asia visiting various temples, climbing mountains, where I met wise gurus, swamis, doctors. I got aquatinted with the shamanic culture of Mexico and worked alongside real life super humans, such as Wim Hof. One main thing that I took for myself is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. There is a path and an unlimited set of tools which we need to treat in a personalised manner. Every one of us is special. To every keyhole there is a key. My intention is to offer you the shades and colours of the keys that I have acquired through my journey so far. Creating a space of freedom and confidence where you can form your own moulds and shapes to open doors on your unique journey.

My name is Victor Goenka. Half Russiana and half Indian, based in Estonia and Spain. I am a psychologist and nutritionist. I also work as an instructor for the Wim Hof Method. I specialise in stress, anxiety and depression. I help people surpass their fears, crush limiting beliefs, heal within and embark on the walks of life with confidence. Utilising the powers of synergy, flow, manifestation and abundance - to live a happy and healthy life.


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