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Tailor-made, personalised approach which allows you to experience detached self awareness & freedom to rewire patterns of self-sabotage that act as an obstacle or blockage to your natural state of peace, abundance and growth. Regardless if you are aware of those destructive patterns at this present moment.



You find yourself falling in the same patterns and you want a deeper understanding than just a logical explanation

You feel self sabotage is holding you back from being the best version of yourself

You have memories or images that often come back to you in moments of stress or self-doubt


Carl Gustav Jung

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”




A deep sense of inner peace, clarity, motivation, empowerment and self awareness

 Long Term Stress Relief and Presence

Very effective on symptoms of PTSD and dealing with the roots of it

Healing of tics and other psychosomatic and digestive symptoms

Dealing with the root causes of anxiety, phobias, anguish, depression, unpleasant memories, including sexual violence, addictions (tobacco, drugs, food, etc.)

Awareness and transformation of relationship related patterns like codependency patterns, mother-father related wounds, post divorce depression or after the loss of a dear one.

Faster integration and deeper understanding after a plant medicine experience.


I offer a variety of private 1-1 tailored hypnosis sessions depending on your personal needs and goals

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Meditating at Home





I have been walking on the path of conscious self discovery and exploration for over 20 years. I began practicing meditation in a consistent daily manner since I was 16 years old. Three years later I was guiding hundreds of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Holding space to connect with oneself, be able to seek and experience the universal inner peace through the depth of yoga, breathwork and of course meditation.

I sharpened my mind from friction sabotage to a frictionless flow state.

Many blissful and traumatic experiences shape up who I am today. I have lived at an Ashram for many years in India, I have sat in silence with myself for multiple years in a row to find tranquility and understanding after the death of my father. I have been through a painful divorce. I have experienced deep poverty and rich abundance. Each step of the way I have taken note and strive to show up and thrive in the ultimate limitless being that I am.

My interest into hypnosis peaked about six years ago and that is when I took a deep dive into the literature, science, lectures. I was hungry for knowledge. I began searching for the best, I began to travel the world, seeking answers. I felt like I was a Sponge Bob swimming in an ocean of knowledge. When I began to attend the International Institute of Hypnosis & NLP of Dr. Marco Paret in 2019 I had the privilege and was fortunate enough to work with one of the best hypnotists in Europe. 

The toolbox on this journey of life is endless, and my key is to show up, listen with presence, learn and hold space for one to reflect.

Reflective Hypnosis is a method that I compiled from all my knowings and teachings. I personally use it in my life to upgrade and sharpen my edge. I am humbled and honoured to share this with you and am grateful for your precious time & energy. 

See you on the inside!

To Your Evolution,

Emanuele Righes