“You need vital energy to convert existing energy.”

I see movement as a way of therapy. How you train your body is how you train your mind. Movement is not about lifting heavy, a fast asana or a long workout session. It is about the body - mind connection, one body - one muscle.

Every single one us is unique and needs various stimulus at different moments in his/her life. Thats why I focus my sessions on guiding the person via his internal motivation and intention by using adapted external movement to achieve the objectives that are set.

My passion towards all kind of movement and sports, such as triathlon, powerlifting, martial arts, dance and yoga - I realise that any discipline has a benefit for us if used at the right moment and not in excessive amount. Here is where the conscious movement part plays a tombstone role. For me, conscious movement means to understand what ones body needs and achieve movement in the perfect symphony with your mind to become a more experienced and skilful life avatar.



One body - One muscle

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